Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In the defense of AUTHENTICITY

In today's world of social networking, 24-hour news channels and instant fact-checking, authenticity in a political figure, his/her character, past, reputation and accomplishments, the truth about those things matter more today than the actual substance of their claims.

Whether a politician cheated on his wife or raised taxes or was pro-choice before he/she was pro-life doesn't matter as much as that politicians propensity to be honest about his past. You did cheat on your wife? Admit it. You did believe in Climate Change? Admit it. Whatever a politician running for public office does - do NOT lie.

There's an old refrain that says, the way you know a politician is lying is if their lips are moving. Hilarious. So when congressman Anthony Weiner vehemently denied that the sexually explicit photos that were alleged to be his were in fact his, he broke the rules - he lied.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tebow Time

Tim Tebow is the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, a former Heisman trophy winner and two-time national champion in NCAA football. But ever since jumping into the NFL, being a 1st round draft pick, there have been expectations that according to "experts", he hasn't lived up to.

However, there's one thing that these so-called "experts" seem to ignore. Tebow is 8-2 all time in the NFL as a starting quarterback. When all odds are against him, when the game is on the line, 4th quarter, clock winding down, he always seems to win.

Whether it was a month ago against the Miami Dolphins when Tebow led the Broncos in the 4th quarter to become the first team in NFL history to overcome a 15+ point deficit with 3 minutes or less left in a game and win, or last night to come from behind against the Chargers and pull off the upset in overtime with 30 seconds left - he wins.

In all 6 of his starts this season, Tim Tebow's Broncos have been the underdog, pulling off the upset win in 5 of those 6 contests. Tebow has become such a clutch player in the NFL that when the game seemed to be comfortably in San Diego's hands last night, Rich Eisen from the NFL network Tweeted "Everyone adjust your clocks, it's tebow time!" And just like that, #TEBOWTIME became a WORLDWIDE trending topic.

What's my point? Tebow has had a dark cloud of doubt hovering over him since being drafted, even more since becoming the starting quarterback. And throughout his well-below passing numbers and his NFL record 22 quarterback carries in last nights football game, however unconventional that might be, he still wins. When he's up against the wall, he wins.

With his recent spike of popularity in recent polls, President Obama seems to have taken a few pointers from Tebow's playbook.

Is it Obama Time?

Monday, November 21, 2011


A few months ago the debt-ceiling debate was the hot button issue throughout the mainstream media. The debate ended when congress came to the agreement that created a "Super Committee" formed with the sole purpose of finding spending cuts in the national budget in order to lower the national deficit.

Sounded like a great compromise. Problem is, the "Super Committee" was comprised of Republicans and Democrats.

I know, nightmare.

Since I began following politics til now, I've always known that in American politics, the political banter and ideological posturing will never go away. Republicans will stand their ground and Democrats will stand theirs, regardless of the effect that their ideologically driven decisions will have on the American public.

So my question is, did anyone really ever think that this "Super Committee" would actually be able to get something done, an actual solution to the national debt?

Of course not. But like everything else in today's politics, we all made believe that we believed in something...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Herman Cain Needs A Twitter

Ever looked at an everyday teenagers social network page? Any of them. Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, any of them. If you have, I'm sure you've read some of the same types of nonsensical one-liners that teens are infamous for.

Parents just don't understand. It's me against the world. Nobody understands me - the type of rhetoric rebellious teens are known for.

Come to think of it, when you look at the Republican presidential field, there's one man that if nothing else, he's great at one-liners.

Herman Cain, the creator of the "9-9-9" tax plan/catchphrase, has throughout the campaign trail delivered some of the most memorable one-liners in recent American politics. He's displayed a magical form of stupidity, magical because it's such a unique display of stupidity that you can fit his one-liners perfectly into 140 characters, so Herman Cain needs a Twitter asap.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A drunk, a Mormon and a pervert walk into a bar...

A drunk, a Mormon and a pervert enter a bar Republican presidential race...

No, it's not a joke, it's the list of frontrunners for the Republican presidential nomination. With the 2012 Presidential elections less than one year away, political posturing and sound-bites are once again the focal point of the public discourse.

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry recently gave a speech where he seemed to be completely hammered and what seemed to get lost within the coverage of this hilarious-yet-shameful moment in American politics was Rick Perry's fiscal policy and the unveiling of his tax plan. 

An instant smash-hit on Youtube and a trending topic on Twitter, Perry's speech centered around his highlighting of his "bold, innovative, job-creating" tax plan. A smash-hit not for his "revolutionary" take on the American tax system, but more-so because of the curiosity of determining exactly how drunk was he.

For the most part, Perry's tax plan contains the single biggest requirement that needs to be met in order to be labeled a Republican now-a-days - lower taxes for the rich. 

That being the centerpiece of his "revolutionary" tax plan.

A plan that he was able to fit onto an index card.

An index card...

The kind we use to write down our grocery shopping-list.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Democrazy !

Whether it's Bank Of America announcing it's going to charge a $5 debit card fee to all of its customers or Netflix doubling their prices over night, the average middle-income American has been feeling the crunch placed upon them by corporate America - and they're sick of it.

Since the announcement of their price hike, it's not clear what was more jaw-dropping, the nearly 1 million customers that have fled Netflix or the Twitter eruption that served essentially as a cyber protest of the corporations greed.

Netflix stock was at its highest point ever when the price hike was announced. Now it's down 75%.
Down from $305 a share to $80.

In a country where #OCCUPYWALLSTREET protests are taking place, protesting the tactics of corporate America and where we have Presidential candidates saying "Corporations are people too my friend" - it's nice to see that democracy still exists.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Rich Feel The Itch

The top 1% income earners in the United States own 42% of the wealth while the bottom 99% own 94.7% of the debt. 27 million Americans are unemployed. People are angry, and no, it's not just the Tea Party.

 The "We are the 99%" posters began springing up in New York's financial district under the credo of "Occupy Wall Street" - an instant Twitter phenomenon. However, the protests have grown in unprecedented proportions, while the political pundits on the right have dubbed the protesters "bizzare anti-American freaks", the protests have spread far beyond America's borders to over 17 nations around the world including countries in Europe and Asia.

The question has been raised over-and-over again on the News Networks: What do these people want?

I have the answer... [drum-roll]... they want acknowledgement from the top 1% that their actions have negatively impacted the bottom 99% and they want change.